Friday, September 3, 2010

Sew, What IS a Sloper?

A sloper is:
- A basic apparel sewing pattern without any style lines, seam allowances or other details
Think of it as a combination of patternmaking blocks
- Slopers are used at the beginning of, or repeatedly throughout the evolution of a style.
Plain, basic slopers are most unappealing patterns. It's WHAT YOU DO WITH THEM that matters.

Q: WHY should you want a sloper?
A: Because they make the best patternmaking tools.

Once you create a sloper, it will fit anyone who has the same measurements as you. You can use basic slopers to make some very basic clothes.
But, if you fit your sloper to look attractive and feel comfortable on your unique figure, you will have
1) The best personal patternmaking template for making new personal patterns
2) The best fitting tool for altering other patterns to fit

The next post will deal with how to create a unique sloper for your unique figure.